A new way to launch a product

Corporate Marketing Tool – The Magic Mirror

The best way to launch or promote your product or service!

What if we told you that you could have a new way to launch a product (or service) that will allow you to capture customer details, advertise your brand and give the customer a take away photo/business card/leaflet all in one?  That’s exactly what the Magic Mirror can do!

The Magic Mirror is ideal for the beauty industry, shopping centres, retail shops and supermarkets who are looking to launch or highlight new products or services. The main features of the mirror are:

  • Email capture
  • Touch screen surveys – Our newest feature
  • Custom voice over
  • animations
  • Interactive screen
  • Games
  • Branding photo overlay – including promotional vouchers
  • Print for everyone in photo
  • Email copy of photo to the client for them to post on social media
  • Main screen mirror branding
  • Photo backdrop branding for your business

The fantastic part of the mirror is that your customers won’t feel like they are completing customer research or answering specific product questions, they will be having too much fun!

The Magic Marketing Tool

We live in a digital age and it’s becoming even more difficult to stand out from the crowd and engage with your audience. The Magic Mirror is a fantastic way to interact with your customers, for them to have fun, but also to collect the all-important customer contact details.

The Magic Mirror is set up to make the customer interact with the touch screen, as voice animations guide them through the process. 

Worried about GDPR? No need, we have thought about this and we have a disclaimer which shows up before their email address is submitted, asking if they are happy to be contacted by your company.

At the end of the campaign you will receive all data and images on a USB stick or by digital transfer.

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